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6 Jul

These Days inspiration is so accessible. Although the label of Graffiti remains very much misunderstood on both sides of the tracks the underground mystic to have gone from the culture.

Tap in graffiti into an internet search engine and receive millions of examples of artists work, productions, dubs, tags, information and styles.

This has been a huge factor in the art being recognised, by some for its true worth but by others, in order to find and incriminate the creators. It has also inspired new generations of artists. However, with the availability of images and established styles, will replication simply slow the development and hold back the progression of the artwork?

Instant gratification is a common (and negative) trait in this high-speed generation. It is said there is no such thing as an original concept. All art movements grow from shared inspiration and social situations, contain silimar influences and as a movement, will start to develop common recognisable features. However, by simply observing and replicating without any further individual experimentation, keeping to already established forms and using preset styles, the artform, for the most part, will become stale. No longer a reflection of modern, global individualism but of social circumstances upon art at a particular time in recent history.

Style is not learnt, but something which is developed through series of mistakes both to positive and negative effect. The industries behind hip hop and writing are creating products to enhance what has been achieved previously, it is up to the individual artist to experiment in using those tools or reflecting the subject matter in a new way which will see the continual development of their respective disciplines.

Graffiti, as a format, adapts in the face of new social circumstance. The forms applied must also be allowed to adapt in order to make use of continually changing technology.

The spread of the hip hop movement from being fairly localised in New York, across the US and into europe and the rest of globe into the most repressive regimes, it is no surprise that we see graffiti artists from manchester to mongolia who have similar influences, it is also no surprise that every other style and artistic influence has also been drawn in with the tide. Influence your environment, reuse and remix.